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Red-Eyed Space Toads
R.E.S.T is a novel NFT-fi project with bespoke hand-drawn collectibles of the last humanoid reptiles remnants from Terra, we seek keepers to grow our army, join us.
Toad Staking!
Happening nowStaking
5/1/2022, 1:00:00 PM UTC
$TOAD Launch!
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5/3/2022, 1:00:00 PM UTC
REST League
A gamified NFT-fi project
  • Stake your R.E.S.Toad to participate in R.E.S.T. League

  • Toads staked on R.E.S.T cannot be listed on the marketplace at the same time
  • R.E.S.T. League will consist of a series of collaborative on-chain mini-games which combines your R.E.S.Toad's strengths and good ol' luck.

  • Outsmart, outwit and outlast your competition and reap the rewards for your valour!
  • All staked toads earns a portion of revenue from royalty, games & farming rewards.

  • Win games to earn large prizes!
The Tale of R.E.S.T
The Red-Eyed Space Toads are the last remnants of an ancient cosmic civilization. 10,000 eggs that were preserved were discovered in a barren planet. It now falls upon you to raise and care for them.
Upon an uncharted planetary system bathed in the hues of a dying sun, bounty hunters on the trail of an elusive fugitive chanced upon the final remnants of an intergalactic civilisation.
They discovered tales of a prehistoric race of hummanoid warrior space toads, peerless in their might as they struggled against their inevitable doom. In a last bid attempt to survive the upcoming calamity, they chose to save the clutch of their best and brightest in a time capsule.
The time is now to save the last of these species.
Free Mint31 Oct 21:00 GMT+8
10,000 Tadpoles are free to mint on terra, with a max of 5 per wallet.
Evolution to toads4 Nov 21:00 GMT+8
Tadpole owners can evolve their tadpoles into toads at 0.15 LUNA with a 50% chance, limited to first 2500 toads evolved.
Toads public mint6 Nov 21:00 GMT+8
4400 RESToads mintable at 1 LUNA.
Reveal Party10 Nov 21:00 GMT+8
Reveal of traits and attributes for RESToads.
Trade on marketplacesQ4 2021
Secondary market available on Random Earth, Knowhere.
RESTDAO and Secondary Mechanism*Q1 2022
Secondary mechanism that backs RESToad prices to LUNA Reserve.
REST League*Q1 2022
Launch of REST League game platform.
* only if project is fully minted
Minting Guide
Download Terra Station extension
Download the Terra Station extension from the official website and follow their guide to create your own wallet on Terra.
Purchase LUNA or UST
Purchase LUNA or UST on your favourite centralized (or decentralized) exchanges. Transfer the LUNA or UST to your Terra Station wallet. Terra Station allows you to natively convert between the two tokens, so either is fine.
Connect your Terra Station and mint and/or evolve!
Select 'Connect Wallet' and connect your Terra Station wallet to our website. Go to the Mint page and select 'mint' to get your very own RESToad. For RESTadpoles, you might need to solve a few captchas designed to prevent bots.
Our Team

Crystal Cheng

Co-Founder, Strategy, Creative

Benjamin Wong

Co-Founder, Marketing, Partnerships

Amanda Ong

Creative Lead, Design, Branding


Frontend Developer

T5 Dev

Smart Contract Developer